Thursday, February 25, 2010


Hi! Updating. :p

Last weekend. It's about an event i joined. Invited by a friend, to something like water-sport's event. SO we had to build our raft. :> And Make it through the river. It's kinda challenging. But we got BA or life-jacket. So it's safe. The next day we got flying fox and barbecue. It's kinda fun and new experience to me.

So about my leg, it's getting better. But i can't put the pressure on it. So i can run but can kick the ball. (that's what i wanna say. ) Maybe i'll be going home and get traditional treatment. So it'll heal faster and everybody happy. Hehehe..

This week i had been so busy with test and next event meeting. I'm the head of marketing/sponsorship. The event is about SEAL conference. (Self empowerment And Leadership) I need to find the participant, which is another university's student. And sponsor from some company. We got 3 experienced speaker, and i'm sure it's something not to miss out. :>

So since i didn't have my scooter now, i guess i'll be asking my mom to pick me up tomorrow. And i'm gonna go to do my hair (for real) on Friday, using my mom's car. And, go to the bank.

Meet 2 new friends this week, Jaja and Tin-Tin. They're open and crazy. :p But nice.

Oh, they've pointed out and idea of next event which is..... feeding shark at Aquaria, KLCC. Should i go? Hahahahahahahah!!!

Anyway, I'm in love with Amanda Palmer. She's a physco.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm so in...

Haha so today i woke up, my friend called. Asking me to play for his team, for friendly. Too bad, my leg isn't fully heal. I just don't wanna take the rest. Maybe next week.

So there's no class at all for today. The lecturer are all having fun with the family. Even it's not their celebration. :p I guess the student don't like that. Example me, i had to keep up with my study. I being left behind a lot. Got tests and quizzes in the coming weeks.

- I was thinking of deleting this blog since nobody read it now. I guess. :p Or maybe.. I don't know. -

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ida's bday party.

Sorry, forgot to tell about the birthday party yesterday. :p So it's a good party. Help at Naili's place, Taman Dato's Senu, Sentul. Efan celebrating her Ida's birthday. With bbq and so on. The mushroom soup is the best. Maybe i'll go there again and ordered the mushroom soup. Birthday's girl seem so happy taking pictures every corner of the place.Well, it's not that fun being me in a party. Hahaha.. since i can't walk much. So i just sit and watch everyone. When we want to go back, my feet hurt so much. I feel like crawling on the floor. :p So my friend had to help me with walking. :P


Hi. Hard day today. hahaha. so i woke up very late. Maybe because i slept late. Studying spanish. It's like 1300 when i woke up. So i study a little bit about letter and number. Skipped the class at 1300. Oh i come late. hahahaha.. and the lecturer was like.. " are you okay? is this your first time in class? what? i never see you before " ugh.. it's kinda embaressing. When class turn their head at you. :p

Then after the class, we got football game. 1st match for the league. versus 'Phlamez'. It's not that bad even we lose 2-0. We're kinda learning to understand each other. Or get to know every members of the team. It's fine losing. everybody didn't look so dissapointed. But the best thing is, i hurt my foot. Maybe it's broke, i don't know. I just got back from the hospital, but the doctor isn't there. so nurse give me some sort of painkiller, and ask me to come again tomorrow. It's stable now.

so what happen tomorrow? I'll woke up very early, and be the doctor's first patient. then class. then i'll just rest i guess. or go home. :P but i don't want to make my mom worried about me. enough she had to take care of dad alone at home. Maybe i'll go back when it's time. :)

Okay, enough talk. Later. byebye

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Woah.. sorry and sorry again. Haven't been online for sometimes. Only a couple of hours everyday. :( I've being busy with travelling hospital to class. But everything's better now. My mom said my father can go out today. But still nothing from her. Maybe i'll call her later. And tomorrow.. Spanish test. Ugh, i'm still 20% equip. I need to study. Number.... Ugh.. That'll be a hard work. But nevermind. I don't know what to write anymore. Gtg to the library soon. Byebye! :D

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I love you my father

With the warmest of wishes
Your son comes to say
I hope that you're recovering
Getting better by the day

Hi. I'm sorry guys. I didn't update for a time. I'm being busy plus it's a boring life of mine. Nothing's good happening. Anyway, yesterday me and 4 others went to Genting Highland. Yeah, we're having fun but i'm not that fun. I keep thinking of my father. I wish i can go back just like that and visit him. But mom text me and she said father's okay. I'll update at the next post about the Genting Highland. Pray for my father's healthy. :) Thanks.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Weee so we jog last night finally. I guess everything is going to be serious. I'll try to keep up. Make it as routine. :p It's fun when do it with some friends. Not so bored when you're jogging. So as for the start. We jog for like.. 1.5kms? ;p and walk for about 500 metres. :p that's the start. We can do it better. But we already late so i guess we gonna make it early tonight.

So essay on " Media Invention Impact to Society " was done like 30 minutes ago. :P The hardest is i had to write back on a paper. Because i dont know he want by typinf or writing. I guess i just have to do both. :P Everything on the studies going very well so far. Except i still didn't have group for 1 subject. I need to see the lecturer so he could put me in any group available. I hope.

So class later in 1 and a half hour. I'm sooooo sleepy. Sleep for like 1 or 2 hours last night. :p Then then wake up when they watch movie. :p Peanut and maruku. That's enough to be stay up. At least i can finish the essay. I need to eat something soon. (but i just ate?) nevermind.

No need shower this morning. Guess just wash the face and brush the teeth. Ready to the class. Hahaha. Got to go. Byebye!