Thursday, February 25, 2010


Hi! Updating. :p

Last weekend. It's about an event i joined. Invited by a friend, to something like water-sport's event. SO we had to build our raft. :> And Make it through the river. It's kinda challenging. But we got BA or life-jacket. So it's safe. The next day we got flying fox and barbecue. It's kinda fun and new experience to me.

So about my leg, it's getting better. But i can't put the pressure on it. So i can run but can kick the ball. (that's what i wanna say. ) Maybe i'll be going home and get traditional treatment. So it'll heal faster and everybody happy. Hehehe..

This week i had been so busy with test and next event meeting. I'm the head of marketing/sponsorship. The event is about SEAL conference. (Self empowerment And Leadership) I need to find the participant, which is another university's student. And sponsor from some company. We got 3 experienced speaker, and i'm sure it's something not to miss out. :>

So since i didn't have my scooter now, i guess i'll be asking my mom to pick me up tomorrow. And i'm gonna go to do my hair (for real) on Friday, using my mom's car. And, go to the bank.

Meet 2 new friends this week, Jaja and Tin-Tin. They're open and crazy. :p But nice.

Oh, they've pointed out and idea of next event which is..... feeding shark at Aquaria, KLCC. Should i go? Hahahahahahahah!!!

Anyway, I'm in love with Amanda Palmer. She's a physco.


Benna said...

and amanda palmer loves me. we're getting married next week.

Benna said...

hah! and we're having hott lesbian sex.

Benna said...
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Benna said...

We're adopting an malaysian orphan!

suck on that!